We have created a CLSWest Idea Board, that will be used as a topic suggestion box. Here's the link to the CLSWest Idea Board: CLSWest.uservoice.com

I met with Dave Nielsen yesterday and we seeded the Idea board with some suggested topics.

Please contribute your suggestions and vote up the ones that you like. You have up to 5 votes, to use at your discretion.

Thanks to Evan Hamilton, Uservoice Community Manager, for this use of UserVoice.

Stay tuned for the date, place and location of the next meet-up, being planned for June. The topic will be... well, we don't know yet =:-) ... So, please suggest and vote up topics -> CLSWest.uservoice.com

If loose track of the above link, you can always refer back to the Community Leadership Summit West home page: CLSWest.jottit.com

changed May 9, 2011